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    Facebook friends lists: create and use filters

    Don't want all of your Facebook friends to see all of your posts? Make thematic lists to classify them by categories: you will more easily control what you show to some ... and not to others!

    By default, your Facebook posts are visible only to your friends. But sometimes this level of confidentiality is not enough. Because among your Facebook friends, there are probably colleagues to whom you do not necessarily want to show your personal photos, distant acquaintances with whom you do not wish to share intimate information or even your family - children and / or parents. - that you prefer to keep certain publications… In short, the ideal would be to be able to filter your publications to show them only to a circle of friends and not to another.

    And, in fact, there is a quick and easy way to do it in Facebook: friends lists. By grouping your friends by "theme" (family, colleagues, friends, etc.), you will only have to select the right list when you publish something. Depending on your choice, only friends on a list will be able to see your post, not others.

    The modification of people belonging to a list, and its selection for a publication can be done both with the web version of Facebook and on mobile. However, the creation of lists can only be done via a web browser, and not in the mobile app. Finally, you can place a friend in multiple lists (friends and colleagues, for example). In any case, it will not be notified by Facebook of your choice.

    How to create a list of friends on Facebook?

    By default, the social network offers you three predefined lists: Close friends whose publications Facebook will show you as a priority; Knowledge to whom Facebook will show fewer publications; and Restricted, for people who will only see your posts in public mode. But you can create as many thematic lists as you want.

    • With your usual web browser, log into your Facebook account with your username and password.
    • View your news feed. By default, this page is displayed first when you log into Facebook.
    • In the left column, click More to display all the functions, then press Friends list.
    • The Friends Lists page appears. It contains the three predefined by Facebook. Click on Create a list to add a new one. 
    • A frame is displayed. Enter a name for your list in the List name field (Family, Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances, etc.).
    • To then add members to the list, type them first letters their name: Facebook automatically suggests the names of your friends whose letters match.
    • Once you have made your choice, click on Create. Your list is created!
    • All you have to do is repeat the operation to add other lists. 

    How to edit a list of friends on Facebook?

    You can add and remove friends from a list at any time. The procedure differs on computer and mobile.

    With the web version on PC

    • To modify an existing friends list, from the Facebook home page, click in the left column on MoreAnd click Friends list.
    • The page changes. In the middle part of the page, click on the name of the list whose members you want to change. This action opens a new page only dedicated to the selected list. In particular, you can see the latest publications from friends belonging to it.
    • To modify the members of your list, the easiest way is to click on View all, top right, above the thumbnails of the profile photos.
    • A dialog box opens with all the profile photos of your friends belonging to this list, each framed in blue with a blue check mark as well. To remove a friend from the list, click on the blue check mark.
    • To add another relation, at the top of the frame, click In this list.
    • Then click Friends from the drop-down menu. This time, photos of all of your friends appear in the frame. Just click on one of the photos to add the person to your list.
    • When you have made all the changes you want, click finish.

    With the Facebook mobile app

    With the mobile app, you can only make changes to one person at a time, whether to add or change their list. You have to go through his profile page.

    • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile and on one of a friend's posts, tap their profile picture.
    • The screen changes and his profile page appears. Below its name, on the right, press the three small dots.
    • A new screen appears. Press the line Friends in blue.
    • A dialog box appears at the bottom of the screen. Press on Edit Friends List.
    • The screen changes, and all of the lists you created appear. Press on celle ou those of your choice.
    • A small blue check mark appears at the end of the line, confirming that your friend has been added to this list. Press again to remove it from a list instead.
    • Press the arrow at the top of your mobile screen, to go back, as many times as necessary to return to your news feed.

    How to use a list of friends on Facebook?

    Now that you've categorized your friends into lists, you can choose whether or not to show them what you post.

    With the web version for desktop

    • From the Facebook home page, click What do you mean ?
    • A dialog box opens. Right under your name, click on the drop-down menu Friends.
    • The contents of the box change to a list of choices. Unroll its content. At the end of the menu are the different lists you have created. Click on the one of your choice, so that your publication is visible only to this list.
    • Conversely, to exclude friends from a list and hide a post from them, click custom.
    • The content of the frame changes. In the Do not share with box, type the first few letters of a list name. Facebook automatically suggests names from the list with matching letters. Click on her name.
    • Complete the process by clicking on Save.
    • The audience for your post changes, both desktop and mobile, and will remain so until you choose a different one.

    With the Facebook mobile app

    • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile and identify yourself if you are not logged in by default.
    • Press What do you mean ?
    • In the new screen, tap the drop-down menu Friends, just under your name.
    • The content of the screen changes. Press on see more and Show all lists.
    • The content changes again, and you just have to press the name of the list friends of your choice, so that this publication and the following ones are visible only to its members.
    • Confirm by pressing Ok at the top right of the screen, then again on OK on the next screen.
    • If you instead want to hide a post from a selection of friends, tap Friends except ...
    • In the screen that appears, enter the first letters of the name of a list. Facebook automatically suggests list names with matching letters. Press on her name. You can exclude as many lists as you want. A small red symbol appears at the start of the line.
    • Confirm by pressing Ok at the top right of the screen, then again on OK on the next screen.
    • The visibility of your posts changes both on mobile and desktop, and will remain as is until you change it.
    Facebook friends lists: create and use filters

    Contents Create a list of friends Modify a list Use a list of friends By default, your publications on Facebook are visible only to your friends. But sometimes this level of confidentiality is not enough. Because among ...

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